Who we are - Das Blaue Tuch

We are 'Das Blaue Tuch', living and working in Munich. We have made our passion for fashion, colors, fabrics and sewing to our profession.

We invite you to share our passion for sewing: 

  • With the largest Facebook sewing community ex UK with about 145.000 members, called 'Nähen und Schnittmuster für Doofies und Fortgeschrittene - Das Blaue Tuch'
  • With probably the largest international sewing pattern library including 9.500 sewing patterns from 37 countries with great filters, translation help....
  • With a large supply of excellent fabrics and all important sewing accessories. 

The head of our team, Katja Marschner, is a graduated designer and worked 7 years in New York and 2 years in Barcelona in her profession.

Das Blaue Tuch

Siegesstraße 21 • 80802 Munich, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)89 85636690 • Email: kontakt@dasblauetuch.com